Digcomp + bezoek Future Classroom

Tijdens deze bijscholing krijg je een toelichting rond Digcomp. Daarna krijg je een rondleiding en verkenning van The Future Classroom Lab. 

Wat is de Future Classroom? (http://fcl.eun.org/about)

"It has been designed as a “Living Lab’ for how ICT can be implemented in schools and where policy makers, ICT suppliers, teachers and educational researchers can come together to:

  • Rethink how new technologies can support the educational reform process at both national and European level.
  • Engage in regular workshops, seminars and courses on how existing and emerging technologies can have a transformative effect on teaching and learning processes.
  • Develop new economic models in order that teaching and learning activities designed for the future classroom can be mainstreamed and taken to scale.”
Algemene informatie: 
ICT-leerkrachten van een CVO en onderwijsondersteuners in het volwassenenonderwijs
Maximum aantal deelnemers: 
Jan De Craemer
€ 50